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Virtual Tours 

Tiny Steps Preschool ~ Bishops Green. Virtual tour coming Soon!

Welcome to Tiny Steps pre school

Droping your child off at pre school

Keeping your children safe

The first video you will see, talks about the various measures we are taking during Covid 19 to keep your children as safe as possible by limiting cross contamination during drop off and collection.

The first tour ~ Our main room

A Perfect Fit

We hope that by making this tour available you will be able to see whether you think your child will be a good fit for our preschool. As show rounds are unfortunately impossible at this current time, these give you as a potential parent,  an idea of what Tiny Steps Preschool offers.
For new starters this tours can be used to show your child what they can expect and to make the environment a little more familiar to them

The Craft Room.

Getting Messy!

This room is by far the messiest and most creative, children are provided with a changeable range of materials and inspirations. They explore new art skills, new fine and gross motor skills. They play with paint, playdough and water. They get to investigate and develop their own ideas using the adult as a support and scaffolder to their play ideas.

The Bathroom

Focused on hygeine

 Take the virtual tour for a little more information about what we are doing to teach your child about hygeine while at preschool, and keep them safe. 

Our Garden

All weather investigation!

Our garden is small but perfectly formed to give the children a wide range of experiences that change every day. Whether it's mud kitchen, bug hunting or building a space rocket, we can guarantee amazing adventures.

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