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Ofsted Report May 2022

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During our recent inspection it was observed that "children are keen learners, they ask relevant questions that help deepen their understanding " " staff are sensitive and responsive to children's needs" "children freely explore a range of interesting activities on offer"  and  "children are consistently supported to develop their imagination"
We were praised for placing a high priority on the development of language skills and social skills after Covid 19. Staff have modelled these skills well enabling children to hold interesting 2 way conversations with others. Children with Special Educational needs show improvement in their speech due to the individual interventions in place. 
We are really pleased and feel that the inspector identified the same things as the management team in terms of things to improve and next steps in order to take the preschool to Outstanding. 
She noted that in order to enable children to excel even further in their learning we will be working on supporting children in critical thinking like problem solving, and following their own ideas, reviewing whether it worked or what they could do to improve it. Our staff will now be trained in a more bespoke way delivering individual training which has always been an ongoing process due to the high standards we hold ourselves and our staff too. 
Ofsted reported that Management as leaders are passionate about providing opportunities that children may not have experienced before, which helps enhance children's knowledge and development further. 
Overall, we found the experience really beneficial; the inspector was positive and criticism was focused and constructive, it's just given us all such a boost and a determination to receive outstanding for the next inspection. 
The draft report is attached for you to view, please feel free to contact myself or Connie with any further questions.

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